HolliDécor's Must See Look of the Week!

I'm constantly keeping an eye out for new festive looks and, sometimes, I come across something that I simply must share - because it's either a super-easy DIY look, a really unique idea, or it's THAT spectacular and can't be missed. So, I've decided to create a blog post that rounds up those looks that I've collected through the week to share with all of you! For HolliDécor's first installment of the Must See Look of the Week!, I've got two for you. Enjoy!

This DIY Candle Planter look came across my Facebook news feed this week. After tracking down the orginal source, I see it's been around for a while. Either way, its new to me, and may be to you as well. I thought it was too good to miss! As we start to spend more time outdoors, what a great way to bring some double-duty beauty to your deck, porch, or patio. All you need are two nestable planters, a small amount of pea gravel and potting soil (depending on the size of your planters), some pretty plants of your choosing, and a glass hurricane with pillar candle. Set aside just 10-15 minutes to put it together and voila! A beautiful piece to enjoy all summer long.




This next look falls into that SPECTACULAR category. It's Memorial Day weekend and what better way to celebrate the official start of summer than to hit the links? How about hitting the links with a golf cart swag that would put Uncle Sam to shame?! Straight from Hernando, Mississippi, Sherry Clark Creations is at it again with a stunning patriotic piece that I'm sure turned heads all over the course. And this time, it wasn't because she was yelling "Fore"! Kidding! Clearly, the girl's got talent on and off the green! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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