How to Create a Classy Valentine's Display

Looking for a classy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day that won’t make your house look like Cupid crashed it?! Follow these tips for an easy, beautiful arrangement that will have you celebrating in style!

First, I like to pick a focal spot for my holiday displays that complement, but do not interrupt the decorative elements I already have dressing my living space. A mantle works well, but if you don’t have a fireplace, a console table, like I used here, is another great option. You could also create a centerpiece for your dining table or create a pretty arrangement on a dresser in the bedroom.

Next, tell a story with your display. Most of my family no longer lives as close as I’d like and I find myself missing them a lot lately. It seemed fitting to focus my display around my family this year, and so I gathered framed photos I already had in the house of the people (and pet) most important to me. Another idea could be to use photos of you and your significant other over the years, telling your love story. Or, gather different items that you love, perhaps souvenirs from travels you’ve taken, or just items from your day to day that make you smile. No matter the story you tell, your display will mean something more.

Finally, take a cue from your existing décor and work in items that complement it. Since my living room is done in natural colors with a touch of terra cotta, I decided to work my Valentine display around red versus pink to keep my decorations in the same warm color tone (I used the pink decorations in my bedroom and bath as they are done in cool tones). The painted wood “Happy” sign and the larger heart-shaped “started with a kiss” piece were previously owned pieces of mine – both locally purchased gift shop items. The latter is a story in itself and is purposely placed near the small XOXO frame of me and my significant other. :)

I recently found the brass bird cage (with heart-shaped accents, no less!) at a local antiques shop and placed red and ivory candles in it. Probably my favorite find this year!

A local artist produced the small stained wood cutout ornaments for the holiday, which perfectly complement the natural tones in the room and hang beautifully from the lamps and chalkboards.

The small terra cotta heart with etching was a souvenir from a trip I took to Sedona, AZ a number of years ago.

On-trend chalkboards offer the finishing touch. The larger one presents the word “love” in the three languages of my family’s heritage – German, Swedish, and Welsh (the dog), while the smaller one offers a cheeky “muah!”

The poppy-printed burlap ribbon used as a runner was a Wal-Mart clearance find and the last piece I added to the display. While the natural fiber and reddish-colored floral print complement the display nicely, I knew it was what would tie the whole thing together because my late Grandfather’s nickname was “Poppy”. He is in the photo just to the left of the birdcage and was always the one that kept our family “tied” together. And, he just so happened to love bird-watching. :)

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