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I've always wanted to become a business owner. Growing up, I admired those who were in business for themselves. They were the ones in charge - of their schedule, earnings, and of their destiny.

I earned my undergraduate degree from Mercyhurst College in 2004 with a major in Business Management and a minor in Accounting to support this endeavor. After working a stressful, unfulfilling job in Florida in corporate public relations for a number of years to gain some practical and professional experience, I knew I needed to make business ownership a bigger priority in my life. I realized that it wasn't just being in charge that was appealing, it was the idea that I could be happy at my job and even create a legacy for myself and my family that drove me to make a change. Now I just needed to decide exactly what kind of business I wanted to establish.

I don't remember how I found her, but while in my much-loved Tallahassee, I solicited the services of life and business coach, Elizabeth Barbour - the Revitalized Business Woman, nonetheless. We did some researching, reflecting, and planning. With Elizabeth’s help, I knew I needed to take something I enjoyed and match it to a need in the marketplace.

There is very little else in this world that excites me more than when my favorite shops bring out their beginning-of-season decorative merchandise. And, just about the only thing I can do for hours and get totally lost in is decorating. My mom always decorated our house for the hoIidays and is very crafty, so I guess I've picked some of that up from her. I love decorating a new home, putting up Halloween decorations for my annual party, and trimming the tree at Christmas. So, it was decided that decorations and decorating was the way to go. That part was pretty easy.

Finding the need in the marketplace was a bit more work. In 2010, I enrolled in Colorado State University’s Master of Science in Merchandising program. I studied online while working full time, even moving cross-country and changing jobs; I researched everything retail, decorating, and running a business and of the market, earned my graduate degree (life goal #1), and wrote a detailed business plan. Now here I am launching that business to serve your decorating needs, while checking off life goal #2.

I hope you enjoy my work and become a valued customer. I wish you a very Happy Holidays and welcome you to HolliDécor!

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